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Clinical Waste Collection

What is Clinical waste?

Clinical Waste can generally be defined as any waste which is made up completely or partly of animal or human tissue. This includes any pharmaceutical products, bodily fluids, excretion, bloods, swabs and dressings, and any sharp instruments which have been used in a clinical environment.

It is usually found within the medical sector but can also be found in laboratories, dentists, veterinary practices and research facilities.

Why does it need to be disposed of separately?

Due to the nature and origin of clinical waste there is a huge potential for infections to be passed on by the waste. The disposal of clinical waste should only be carried out by professional operators who possess the knowledge and equipment to dispose of it in a correct and safe manner that meets the legislation put in place for this category of waste.

Examples of Clinical waste we can collect:

  • Syringes
  • Swabs
  • Needles
  • Test tubes

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