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Why Recycle?

In October 2007 the Pre –Treatment legislation was brought in as a means of improving the way we manage our waste by diverting as much of it away from landfill as possible. Recent changes in legislation mean it's illegal for a landfill operator to accept untreated or liquid waste. Hazardous waste with a total organic carbon (TOC) content of more than 6% is also unacceptable to landfill. This is an opportunity for businesses to get better at reducing, sorting and reusing/recycling their waste.

The rising cost of landfill tax every April and the overall decline of landfill sites across the country means that by diverting your waste, not only are you complying with current legislation but also reducing your annual spend on waste .

What can we recycle?

With the ever growing recycling market there is not much that cannot be taken out of your waste to be recycled. By recycling/re-using you can not only reduce your current waste costs, but in certain areas receive a rebate on your materials (dependant on volume and quality of material).

Some examples of materials that we can recover:

  • Office paper
  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Metals
  • Magazines

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